Child Name: Nayef Tamer Jundieh - R215
Date of Birth:
23 August 2006

Mother name: Nesmah Sami
City/Town: Shajaieh – Gaza
Family members: 7
School Grade: 2nd grade (2014)

Family Situation:  Nayef lost his father during the 2014 Israeli aggression on Gaza, large family, their home greatly damaged 


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Name:  MinatAllah Issa Abu Kitta - R241

Mother's Name:  Yosra

Date of birth:  19 October 2008

Resides in: Deir el Balah – Gaza

Family members:  10

School Grade: 3rd. grade

Family Conditions: A large family, all its members suffer from Thalasemia, the father can't work as a result of chronic depression.  The family has no source of income and is in extreme poverty.


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Child's Name:Ahmad Rabee Bustan – R251
Mother's Name:
Saedah Taleb

Date of Birth:Nov. 20, 2006
Resides in:  Gaza
Family Members: 5

School Grade:

Family Conditions:
The child has Epilepsy, father out of work, poor family

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Child's Name: Ola Mohamed Shorrab – R247
Mother's Name: Shawkieh

Date of Birth: July 07, 2004
Resides in:  Khan Younes, Gaza
Family Members: 6

School Grade: Mentally retarded

Family Conditions: Ola & her older brother are mentally retarded, large & poor family, very hard living conditions due to the Israelis blockade


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