Child's Name: Raghed Ahmad Ashkar – R282
Mother's Name: Heba
Date of Birth:  Jan 05, 2014
Resides in: Khan-Younes
Family Members: 6
School Grade: KG

Family Conditions: The father has heart problem preventing him from full time work, one of the children is partially paralyzed. They need help


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Child's Name: Reda Youssef 'Alqam - U76
Mother's Name: Hayfa'
Date of Birth:  15/8/2006
Resides in: Bethlehem
Family Members: 7
School Grade: ---

Condition: The child suffers from cerebral atrophy since birth, large family poor condition


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Child's Name: Nebal Hani Shamali – R285
Mother's Name: Ekram
Date of Birth: Jan. 22, 2005
Resides in: Khan-Younes
Family Members: 7
School Grade:  8th Grade

Family Conditions: The child has burning marks on her thighs and legs, need continuous attention. Large & poor family, needs help    


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Child's Name: Mu'men Mohamed Saad - R284
Mother's Name: Jawaher
Date of Birth:  Nov. 29, 2013
Resides in: Beit-Lahya
Family Members: 8
School Grade: 1st. Grade

Family Conditions: The child suffers from continuous infection in his kidneys and lungs, irregular sugar level, all adding burden to big and poor family. Need help


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