Child's Name: Lamar Nafez ElSodody - R183
Mother's Name: Dalia Ali ElSodody
Date of Birth:  9 Jan, 2009
Resides in: Zaytoun Camp, Gaza
Family Members:  4
School Grade: --

Family Conditions: the little girl was born with a heart defect, she had an open heart surgery and needs continuous treatment and supervision.  The father is unemployed and the family lives in a basement with terrible living conditions


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Child's Name: Abdulla Hatem Hasan – R294
Mother's Name: Kholoud
Date of Birth:  July 30, 2006
Resides in: Gaza
Family Members: 8
School Grade: 7th grade

Family Conditions: The father of this large family had few strokes resulted in disabled him, family is poor and needs help


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Child's Name: Ahmad Eyad El Meshal – R295
Mother's Name: Asma
Date of Birth:  Oct., 15, 2011
Resides in: Gaza
Family Members: 8
School Grade: 3rd grade

Family Conditions: Very large & poor family, the father and the mother have different illnesses and can’t work, family needs help

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Child's Name:Eynas Yousef El-Kafarnah-R172
Mother's Name: Reem
Date of Birth:  Nov. 29, 2004
Resides in: Beit Hanon
Family Members: 8
School Grade:

Family Conditions: The child is retarded, suffers from Brain atrophy and Inability to speak & control her bowel, father died in May 2012, large family without any source of income


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