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Child's Name:  Aisha Jaber Hamad – R302
Mother's Name: Yosra
Date of Birth:  Aug. 18, 2011
Resides in: Nosyrat - Gaza
Family Members: 9
School Grade: 3rd Grade (2020)

Family Conditions: Aisha is the youngest of this large and very poor family, the father and one of her brothers are ill, help is badly needed        


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Child's Name: Leen Wisam Murtaja - R306
Mother's Name:  Mona
Date of Birth:  Jan. 09,2014
Resides in:  Khan Younis
Family Members: 5
School Grade:  1st. grade (2020)

Family Conditions: Father is ill, unable to work, Family was kicked out of the rented apartment. Mom and kids staying with her parents. The father can’t find work. Family has no source of income and need help.

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Child's Name: Jalal Karim Amawi – R305

Mother's Name:  Reem

Date of Birth:  Jan. 26, 2013

Resides in:  AlRimal - Gaza

Family Members:  2

School Grade:   2nd. grade (2020)

Family Conditions: The mother is divorced and takes care of her son on her own, staying with her parents, and her father has to pay rent but has no job, they are in dire conditions

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Child's Name: Roaa Bahadin ElHessi – R307
Mother's Name:  Ayat
Date of Birth:  Nov. 13, 2009
Resides in:  ElShati' Camp - Gaza
Family Members: 8
School Grade: ---

Family Conditions: The little Roaa is ill, she is very frail and has very weak eyesight, needs continuous treatment and follow up. Large family and father can’t find job, dire conditions


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